News Details : Al Bawakir Unicon had been awarded supplie and installation of 11kV Switchgears and Transformers at The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl Qatar 11kV Switchgears and Transformers


A- Scope of Work:

1- The project shall be lump sum, comprising of supplying, installing, connecting, testing, and commissioning of 11kV indoor substations at the pearl Qatar project, located as follows:

  • Viva Bahriya (VB08, VB14, VB15, VB16, VB 24, VB25, VB27, and VB 28)

  • New School

  • Facility Management Buildings

  • Floresta Gardens

  • Grand Mosque

  • Under Ground Visitors Parking

  • Viva Centrale

  • Marsa Arabia

  • Qanat Quartier 04, and 9A

  • Pearl Club Parcel 19 & 19A

  • New DCP

  • Viva Bahriya 01

  • La Plage South, and

  • Isola Dana (ID01, ID02, ID03, ID05, and ID07).

  • Abraj Quartier 07 (AQ 07).

2- Supply, install, testing and commissioning 11kV HV Panel with short circuit rating of 25kA for 3 sec, complete with protection & measurement and all required accessories, etc., all as per the drawings, KM specification, BOQ and as required for proper operation of the substation.

3-Supply, install and test 1600KVA Transformer (11 kV/0.433 kV, 50Hz, DYN11 Dry Type) complete with all accessories as per requirements of the drawings BOQ and KM specifications.

4-Supply, install and connect the Cables including all required fixings, cutting, joints, cable glands, cable straps and terminations etc. all as;:shown on the drawings, as specified and as required for proper operation

  • 3C-300 mm2 CU /XLPE/SWA/PVC cable (11kV) + 12 core Pilot Cables.

  • 3C-120 mm2 CU /XLPE/SWA/PVC cable (11kV)

  • Supply, Install, and connect complete HV earthing system as per latest QCS and KM specification.

  • Providing spare parts as per KM requirements / regulations.

  • Contractor shall use latest approved products by KM for 11kv Switchgear, Dry type Transformer, and 11kV Cables.

  •     Contractor shall obtain KM approval for 11kV Switchgears, Transformers, and Cables specific to the projects.

B- Specifications:

1- Latest Qatar Construction Specification (QCS)

  • Section 21: Electrical Works

  • Part 24: Project Specific Requirement

  • Part 24.32: 11kV Switchgears

  • Part 24.33: Transformers

  • Part 24.35: Operation and Maintenance

  • Section 43: 11kV cable Works 6350/11000 kV

  • All other related sections as applicable

2- Latest Kahramaa Specifications:

  • EP-MS-P4/S3-030: Specification forllkV XLPE 3 Core Cables.

  • EP-MS-P4/S3-050: Specification for insulated pilot cables.

  • EP-MS-P4/S4-035:    Specification for11/0.433 kV Distribution

  • Transformers, Dry Type (Cast Resin), Ground Mounted for Indoor Applications.

  • EP-MS-P4/52-082: Specification for 11kV Indoor Switchgear Panels -Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type.

  • All other related sections as applicable