Activities Details : CONTRACTING

Through its contracting companies, Al-Bawakir Group holds a strong and strategic position as a dependable partner for both international contractors and large local construction companies. We believe in a specialized and tailored service when it comes to engineering, offering dedicated companies for each engineering activity and skilled employees of the highest caliber in each service area.
Specialized Contracting
Our scope of work includes :  Substructure waterproofing , tunnel waterproofing , roofing , concrete repair , fit out , concrete protection  , refrigerator insulation system ,  pre-insulation pipes ,  fire protection.
Our scope of work includes :  ELV System integration , home automation, MEP operations and Maintenance .     
Infrastructure Utilities
Our scope of work includes : (Wet Utilities, Dry Utilities ).
Wet Utilities : Potable water , STE , Sewer, Storm Water.
Dry Utilities : MV, HV, EHV, Street lighting, Telecommunication networks, QAF network, Green power.